Designed to enable large volumes, be safer, and luxurious
Communal Area viewing room

A new era of health, safety & luxury

•Fl-o's team of scientists have developed a construction techique which allows Fl-o to construct our space station in low earth orbit using robots and remote operators. Which means we are not restricted to building a space station which has a module width of 4m and can be carried up in a rockets payload.

•Healthy - High radiation protection makes your stay on Fl-o healthy 20mm HDPE radiation shield, giving an overall 50kg / sq m density which is broadly equivalent to 18mm of aluminium

•Resilient. - triple impact shielding to prevent punctures  our design has inherent Whipple shielding across the entire structure of a 9cm thickness (9 times thicker than the ISS)

•Sturdy. - a rigid structure  once built, our structures are completely rigid, and are able to handle very high loads - and because they are rigid they can be modified post-installation

•Flexible design and size  there is no restriction to the design or size of the structures we can build, and because the outer shell is so strong it is reletivley easy to add structures to our struture.

•Fully repairable in situ - our technology is built in situ and is therefore repairable in situ.

•Permanent monitoring - we embed monitoring within our wall structure, enabling us to monitor wall temperature, stress and impacts continuously.


Designed to be flexible

•Designed or Sculpted by Thomas Lisle an internationally well know artist and designer to be spaces premier destination

•Residence's have space, privacy and unique views down on earth and up to the heavens

•Laboratories have a floor that is horizontal to the earth to enable a working space which is oriented up

•Laboratories have adjoining modules for sleeping quarters

•The design is organic in nature, easily extendible and takes into account the multiple usages of the station

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