The experience of a lifetime

We want to make, what will no doubt be one of the most important experiences of your live as pleasurable, healthy and enjoyable as possible.

To accomplish this we have designed the modules with space and comfort in mind, with a large window that always looks down on earth and another that always looks out to the cosmos, so your views are constantly changing as you fly around the earth every 45 minutes.

Fl-o 01 will have 4 spacious and luxurious double bedrooms to book.
Each room has a massive 27m3 living space with washing facility, bar and broadband and the latest technology
Fl-o  hotel rooms have 12cm thick walls with very effective radiation shielding and impact protection

Fl-o 01 has been designed by Thomas Lisle, an artist and designer with extensive, architectural concept design experience. Thomas Lisle is also a practicing artist with artworks in the Tate Modern and Museum of Modern Art in New York. Thomas Lisle's art practice is focused on computer generated 3D form and visual language, which is reflected in the outer former of the space station. Lisle's designs are iconic, futuristic and optomistic, form is unleashed, and design and sculpture merge.

Stay on Fl-o and see the world
An experience of a lifetime
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